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Garages Part 1: Storage Cabinets

Part one of a series on garages explores garage storage and the effective use of storage cabinets. Storage Cabinets:  Take Back The Garage We have a curious relationship with our garages in America.  In other less acquisitive parts of the world, garages are for one thing and one thing only:  a place to park and store […]

Storage Cabinets: Recessed or Free-Standing

Storage cabinets are both versatile and useful. First off, let’s explore what they are. The Many Styles of Storage Cabinets Storage cabinets are manufactured in a lot of styles. Usually a cabinet can either be free-standing or recessed. Free-standing storage cabinets are usually more mobile, and in some cases can even be wheeled. A free […]

Garage Organization: Spring Cleaning Project

Spring is coming, so garage storage cabinets may be something you may want to consider. Why you ask? Well, spring is the time of spring cleaning, and if you’re like most Americans, your garage is used for storage first, and your car second. Clutter is Annoying: Get Storage Cabinets Installed A lot of people try […]