I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “Quality remains long after the price is forgotten.” In these tough times nothing could be more important than to get what you’ve paid for. We’ll never be the lowest price because we refuse to build junk just to make a buck. Reputation means a lot in the garage cabinet business and we plan on keeping ours. We do offer 3 levels of choices  in our cabinets without sacrificing anything in our construction.  

NO! WE DO NOT USE STAPLES. Our cabinets are fixed to the wall using a steel rail, Cleats and Screws that are securely screwed into STUDS. We can even do deeper upper cabinets that our competitors could never offer. Our cabinets are screwed and glued together along with Cam Fasteners eliminating staples and putty!

Triton Cabinets is a quality manufacturer of garage cabinets and will only build using the strongest materials. The thinner materials cost less, however, they can bow much easier under the heavy weight often found in garage storage. When you are building quality you need to build it right the first time.

Each large ADJUSTABLE shelf can hold about 150 lbs. All of our shelves have 1″ Aluminum shelf stiffeners on the front edge. The 3’ and 4’ shelves that are 20″ and 24″ deep have Shelf stiffeners on the front and back edge. This is on EVERY Style cabinet we offer! Stronger shelves and more room in the cabinet for your stuff! We designed and had our own Shelf supports made for us many years ago. The unique wedge design that is screwed into the cabinet allows our shelves the additional support needed for heavy item in the garage without the worry of the pin breaking or falling out.

Obviously concealed hinges look a lot nicer because you can’t see them. But the real benefit is the fact we don’t need “face frames” to mount exterior hinges. These face frames can use up to 3″ on each side of the garage storage cabinet wasting valuable storage space. The adjustable hinge allows us to bring the door gap together so a center post is not necessary between the doors. Again, exterior hinges are cheaper, but can never be adjusted.

Edge banding seals the edges of the garage cabinets and doors protecting them from moisture should you hose out your garage floor. The edge is applied by expensive European machinery at over 200 degrees under pressure to ensure a very tight sealed bond.

We recommend installing your garage cabinets first for a couple of reasons; first when you have your floor done you’ll need to have all your stuff out of the garage for 4 to 5 days, so put it in the cabinets! Second; We use a thermo-fused toe-kick to help protect the cabinets from moisture or water when you hose out the garage, however if you wish to do garage flooring, we recommend that you epoxy the toe-kick which TOTALLY seals the toe-kick making it impervious to water.

Cabinets are installed in one day in most cases on an average 16′ install. But we’ll take as long as it takes to insure the top quality install you expect.

Yes. We manufacture and install cabinets, closets, and home office work spaces as well.

WE DO NOT: Epoxy Floors, paint houses, or fix cars. We have great referrals for those jobs, but we don’t handle them.

Absolutely, and this is something that differentiates us from our competitors. Most companies that offer garage cabinet installation services are using sub-contractors.

Our family has been manufacturing furniture and cabinets since 1984. We manufacturer and build cabinets at our Phoenix location. We have great personnel, top-of-the-Line equipment and a warranty second to none.

Yes. We closed that portion of our garage cabinet business in early 2009 due to the sudden economic downturn. Going from 8 installs per day to 3 per week would be tough on any company but the fact that we had just invested several hundreds of thousands of dollars on new equipment a couple of years previous made it impossible to sustain a profitable business. We decided to close the business and wait it out as we were in a good position to do just that. Though we hoped it was only going to be a few months, it turned into almost 2 years. During that time the corporation was closed and the license was not renewed. In late 2010 we decided to re-open, however the State would not allow us to use our original name because so much time had elapsed. Which is now why we are called “Triton Garage Cabinets”.

This answer is very long, but the “Reader’s Digest” version is this….. Not thinking we could ever open again as a custom cabinet maker in Phoenix, I gave up the name along with the corporation. To renew through the State Corporation Commission and the Registrar of Contractors was a one year minimum process! (our government at work). It was much easier and cheaper for us to start with a new name. Great Garage! shows in the ROC as “Revoked”, which sounds harsh, however, it simply means we did not pay to renew our license because we closed. I’m sure my competitors are telling a different story, but there is the real truth!

Though Great Garage no longer exists and we are not bound by law to honor another businesses contract, Triton Garage welcomes our old customers from Great Garage with open arms! We will honor any garage cabinet warranties you have with Great Garage Cabinets. We can and will repair and replace warranted parts. We’ll even fix something that you may have crashed or backed your car into! So whether you know us as Great Garage or Triton Cabinets, we will still offer the same quality service.  You’ll receive the same service and the same commitment to excellence that you have since 1984! I guess it’s just the way we were brought up…. family values. Thanks for having us back!

We are your source for custom cabinets in Phoenix, AZ. Learn more about us or give us a call at (480) 456-6667 to get a free consultation and quote from our cabinet experts. Also, check out Triton Garage & Closet Systems on Facebook to see our recent installations, promos and discounts!