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Installing garage flooring can transform your garage into a showroom.
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Resin Flooring:  The Secret of Showroom Floors

If you’ve ever gone car shopping, you’ve probably gone to an auto showroom.  Did you know that everything about a car dealership is designed to make you want to buy a car?  Look up, and you’ll likely see an over-sized American flag.  This is designed to appeal to your patriotism.  Drive by an auto showroom after they’ve closed for the night.  Have you ever seen one that was dark and not lit up?  Part of it is due to security, but there’s another reason why all of the lights are still on, even in the showroom itself.  It’s advertising.  But there is another form of advertising that probably doesn’t even register. The highly polished gloss floor.  That’s done with resin garage flooring. You can have the same look in your garage.  There’s a more practical reason than simply making your garage looking beautiful, however.  The other reason car dealerships use resin garage flooring is that it is amazingly easy to clean up.

Install Resin Garage Flooring and Get Rid of Clean Up Headaches

Even auto dealerships that carry luxury brands like Aston Martin, Mercedes, Lexus, Infiniti, Bentley, and so on have to bow to practicality.  While it may sound good on paper to put some flashy floor like marble or limestone, it’s a very bad idea where cars are concerned.  All cars leak a little.  It’s part and parcel to a motor vehicle.  The last thing that you want for a garage floor is a stone floor that will most likely start to dissolve at the first bit of of battery acid or other corrosive auto chemical.  Curiously enough, the same holds true for concrete.  Concrete is very porous, meaning that it can trap stains and spills. That’s why resin garage flooring is an ingenious idea. Resin garage flooring combines the high gloss look of polished marble, but  for one it is very shock resistant and tough.  Epoxy resin is put on as a gelatinous substance, but after it is applied, it hardens into a plastic.  This plastic is naturally shiny, and it makes your floor uniform and smooth, which in turn is good for avoiding wear and tear on your vehicle.  You might even be surprised at how cheap garage flooring is.  Your best bet is to request a quote. Ultimately, you want a home improvement that is cost effective, and also a definite plus. Resin garage flooring in Phoenix is just such a home improvement Triton Garage Cabinets & Storage Systems 4185 West Clarendon Ave. Phoenix, AZ. 85019 (480) 456-6667 About Us