Spring Cleaning: Garage Floor Coating (Part 3)

Part three of our three part series explores epoxy garage floor coating as a way of keeping your garage floor clean and looking like new.

Garage Floor Coating: What It’s Made Of

Get epoxy garage floor coating | (480) 456-6667
Get Epoxy Garage Floor Coating | (480) 456-6667
What is garage floor coating made of? As a rule, garage floor coating is made of epoxy. As for what is epoxy, according to this Wikipedia article: Epoxy resins are low molecular weight pre-polymers or higher molecular weight polymers which normally contain at least two epoxide groups. The epoxide group is also sometimes referred to as a glycidyl or oxirane group. A wide range of epoxy resins are produced industrially. The raw materials for epoxy resin production are today largely petroleum derived, although some plant derived sources are now becoming commercially available (e.g. plant derived glycerol used to make epichlorhydrin). Epoxy resins are polymeric or semi-polymeric materials, and as such rarely exist as pure substances, since variable chain length results from the polymerisation reaction used to produce them. High purity grades can be produced for certain applications, e.g. using a distillation purification process. [READ MORE]

Garage Floor Coating: Why You Should Get It

Getting garage floor coating may sound like it is unrelated to spring cleaning, however, it is very related. For one thing, garage floors are very hard to clean. Motor oil, transmission fluid, and any other things that drip from your vehicle have a tendency to both sink in and stain. Having garage floor coating put in helps to make cleanup a breeze. Garage floor coating is also very tough and hard to damage, as is a lot of epoxy.  It can last for years or even decades and still be as shiny and new as when it was put in. Imagine it if you will.  Your garage floor could be a shiny white instead of concrete stained and spoiled by your car’s various fluids.  And what better thing to add to your spring cleaning projects than to have clean floor in your garage.  So get garage floor coating installed today. Triton Garage Cabinets & Storage Systems is an installer of epoxy garage floor coating serving the greater Phoenix area. Triton Garage Cabinets & Storage Systems 4111 W. Clarendon Ave. Phoenix, AZ. 85019 (480) 456-6667 REQUEST A QUOTE