Reasons to Install Garage Cabinets in Phoenix (Contd.)

Installing garage cabinets in Phoenix makes sense.

Garage Cabinets in Phoenix

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As we covered previously, when you’re making cabinets for your garage, it is imperative to select a construction method that is appropriate to the cabinets intended use. In case, the cabinets are expected to carry heavy loads, then be sure to use dovetail joints, since they are the strongest and most reliable way to construct wood cabinets. But what about custom garage cabinets with cam locks? The cam lock systems are used mostly for medium duty storage. Wood cabinets can come as free standing, roll or hanging. When hanging cabinets on a wall, again be sure to utilize a hanging method appropriate for its intended use. For heavy-duty cabinets, the hanging method should be capable of supporting at least two hundred and fifty to three hundred pounds (250-300 lbs). Next, let us look at metal cabinets that are found in almost every mechanic shop, race car garage, and car enthusiast’s home. These cabinets are durable, reliable, expensive and beautiful. The main advantage of using metal cabinets is their strength and durability. Metal cabinets come rolling, freestanding, or can be mounted to walls like the other styles. However, metal garage cabinets have a much greater load carrying capacities that can exceed one thousand (1000) pounds per cabinet.

Options With Custom Cabinets

With the options ranging from simple plastic storage cabinets to much more sturdy and durable metal cabinets, installing garage cabinets in Phoenix can be achieved within any budget. Adding garage storage cabinets to your garage will not only add storage space for paint cans and tools but also allow you to store items from within your house that has been cluttering up your closets and shelves. With a few simple tools and an afternoon or two, you can transform your garage into a neat and organized space. If you do not have garage cabinets and storage units in your home, you are indeed missing out. While these organizers apparently make your garage look better, they serve a few more purposes as well. Here are the top reasons why you should take pride in your garage and make the most out of this available space.
  • Organization – If your garage is like most others, you probably cannot find anything when you need it. Sure, you may have all these spectacular ideas of how you are going to obtain maximum organization one day but without the help of shelves, cabinets or even a few Rubbermaid containers, you will never realize your goals. Would it not be nice to have the sports equipment, tools, holiday decorations and car cleaning products all nice and tidy so you can easily access what you need?
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