Melamine Garage Storage Cabinets

In our last article we explored what garage storage cabinets are made of, however, there is another type of material out there: melamine.  What is melamine?

Melamine Use in Garage Cabinets

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Most people in and out of the garage storage cabinet industry are already familiar with melamine in different forms.  If you’ve ever taken a class in the past few years, you’ve probably seen a dry-erase board.  Guess what the white part of the dry-erase board is made of?  That’s right: melamine.

Melamine is also one of the ingredients to make yellow pigment for inks and plastics, Melamine is also used to make Formica which is used both in tile and in table and counter tops.However, because of how it is easily shaped as well as its toughness and versatility, melamine is also often used  in the construction of  garage cabinets.

Why Use Melamine in Storage Cabinet Construction?

Well, storage cabinets that are made with melamine share its unique properties. If heat treated, it bakes into a hard material that is waterproof, resistant to stains, and extremely tough, all of which are desirable traits for any material that will be installed in a garage, don’t you think?

When we install garage cabinets in Phoenix, we can shape the melamine to fit into your garage, and put the features you want in your cabinets.

Garage storage cabinets can have several features, or virtually none, depending on the needs of the consumer. If you have children, for example, a locked cabinet is vital for dangerous items.

Above all else, remember that you want something to organize what you have, not add to your clutter problems. There are several solutions open to you. One of the best ones however, is a melamine garage storage cabinet.

Triton Garage Cabinets & Storage Systems makes custom melamine storage cabinets in Phoenix, Arizona.  Call us today and let us show you the Triton difference.

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