Garage Flooring: Why You Want It (Part 1)

Part one of a series on garage flooring explores why you want it.
Garage flooring | (480) 456-6667
Garage Flooring | (480) 456-6667

Reasons to Install Garage Flooring

Do you know what part of your home gets the least amount of attention?  Well, we’ll give you some clues.  It is usually attached to your home, doesn’t have A/C usually, and it is the place that you probably spend about 20 minutes a year in if you’re like most non-mechanics.  In short, it is your garage.  Most people have a bare concrete slab for their garage floor.  The one problem that concrete has is that it only looks new for a short period of time.  Then, after a while, it starts to look rather like a Holstein or a Dalmatian, namely, spots and blotches everywhere.  And the sad thing is that concrete is very porous, and thus absorbs the stains deep into the concrete.  And as most of the stains that drip onto concrete are oil based, they are usually there to stay. That’s where installing resin garage flooring comes into play.  It not only seals the garage floor and protects it from further stains, it also makes a garage floor look like the floor of a showroom.  However, it doesn’t just keep your floor from staining.  Did you know that it also adds value to your home?

Increase Your Home’s Market Value: Garage Flooring is One Way

When it comes time to sell your home, you want to sweeten the deal as much as you can.  It isn’t just your home’s location that is a selling point, it is the features of your home.  So something like a custom closet, hardwood floors, and a swimming pool would be considered features of the house up for sale, and increase its market price.  Another feature that would also add a lot of value to your home would be something like resin garage flooring.  It’s tough, stain resistant, and waterproof: all excellent selling points. So remember, you want to always keep your home in good condition.  Keep up your swimming pool and your hardwood floors if you have them.  And if you have a garage, think of ways to make it better as well.  One way to help is to install something that helps to clear up clutter like a set of cabinets, or if you want to start at the floor and work your way up, why not?  Install resin garage flooring today. For more information on why you want to install garage flooring, be sure to read part two as well. Triton Garage Cabinets & Storage Systems 4111 W. Clarendon Ave. Building 2 Phoenix, AZ. 85019 (480) 456-6667