Custom Garage Cabinets: Why You Want Them (Contd.)

How much can you customize a garage cabinet?

Custom Garage Cabinets: Total Customization

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As we covered previously, choosing to have specially designed custom cabinets for organization and storage gives you the opportunity to create a functional work space to not only finish home repairs and upgrades, but also all of those messy kid’s projects, and crafts that seem to take over the house on a regular basis. But how much can you customize garage cabinets? You may think a “Lazy Susan” is just for the kitchen, but you would be wrong. Incorporating a specialty “Lazy Susan” into garage cabinetry is an excellent way to create access to all of those infrequently used items such as paint, screws and nails, or BBQ utensils. Taking the “Lazy Susan” a step further, why not incorporate a swivel or revolving wrack into a standing cabinet to store those tall yard tools. This type of custom garage cabinetry takes full advantage of even the smallest of spaces keeping everything together neatly, and easily accessible when you need it.

Custom Cabinets:  Wired or Not?

Lighting and electrical outlets are another functional feature that is available in custom cabinetry that you cannot get in pre-made storage cupboards. In addition to interior lighting and electrical outlets providing you with better visibility for projects and the ability to plug in more tools, it also helps you to keep those dangerous cords under control. By having specific outlets installed for specific tools you free up other areas and avoid having to move things around in order get to an outlet or plug in the tool you wish to use. This minimizes accidents and injuries. Increased Home Value There is nothing like walking into the garage of a home that you are looking to buy and seeing well-designed custom cabinetry lining the walls. This is a great selling point for any home. It provides the home buyer with ready to move in storage that they recognize right away; the same way that custom cabinets in the kitchen and bathroom or a walk-in closet do in the interior of the home. Cost Effective Investment Unlike the cheaply made plastic or plywood cupboards that you can pick up at the corner department or hardware store, custom cabinetry will last a lifetime when taken care of properly. Store bought products may last a few years, but will begin to warp and deteriorate over time and with usage; eventually needing to be replaced. So remember, go for quality instead.  Install custom garage cabinets in Phoenix today. ContinueTriton Garage Cabinets & Storage Systems 4185 West Clarendon Ave. Phoenix, AZ. 85019 (480) 456-6667 Request a Quote