Custom Garage Cabinets in Phoenix: Installed By a Pro (Contd.)

How do you pick the right garage cabinets?
Custom garage cabinets are a fusion of function and style. Order some today | 480-456-6667
Custom Garage Cabinets are a fusion of function and style. Order some today | 480-456-6667

Garage Cabinet Installation

As we covered previously, professional garage cabinet installers not only have more years of experience, but they also have ideas and materials on hand. A professional cabinet installer in Phoenix can help you find the right style for your design and building needs. From the elegant to the purely functional, from the extravagant to the budget-minded, there is a wide range from which to choose. A professional can help you sort through all of these items and make a solid and educated decision. Right from the beginning, fully licensed and insured installers can show you all of the options that will fit your garage and, ultimately, your lifestyle. Whether it be wood, melamine, veneer or plywood, to name a few, your chosen professionals will guide you through a thorough screen process to see which one will be right for you.

Professional Cabinet Installation is Crucial

Are you convinced yet, or is there still a nagging notion that installing custom garage cabinets on your own might be more money saving than having them installed professionally? If the latter is true, you are not alone. Many people make the decision to self-install. Sometimes it goes well; but other times, it ends in disaster. There are so many factors to consider, not only in the design, but in the execution, or build. For example, once you have researched the type of cabinet you wish to use, you have to find out where to buy them. Will you buy them new or risk buying used materials that have no warranty and could potentially be hiding imperfections that could affect the strength of the cabinetry? What about all of the other materials you will need, such as mounting brackets, nails, screws and hardware? Which will you choose, and will they be correct? More than anything else, the peace of mind that neither you nor any of your family or friends will be harmed during the installation process. After all, there are many tools involved in installing garage cabinets, as well as a lot of heavy equipment, lifting and materials. Why risk it? Leave it to the professionals. They will take care of everything and do a fantastic job. If you don’t hang the cabinets properly, they could come crashing down, destroying everything inside. Cabinets must be hung level and properly attached to studs or some other form of anchoring. Specific cabinet materials, such as veneer or melamine, require special tools and materials in order to be hung properly and without error. All materials are different and need to be treated as such. So take no chances.  Not only should you buy custom garage cabinets, you should get them professionally installed. ContinueTriton Garage Cabinets & Storage Systems 4185 West Clarendon Ave. Phoenix, AZ. 85019 (480) 456-6667 Request a Quote