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Custom Storage Cabinets: Home and Retail Clutter Control

Custom storage cabinets help with clutter control.  And it isn’t just for home, it’s for business as well. Custom Storage Cabinets in Phoenix: Get More Storage Space One of the biggest challenges facing both homeowners and business owners is the is lack of adequate storage space. Everyone wishes they had more storage space, or at […]

Custom Cabinets in Phoenix: For Home, Business, and Beyond (Contd.)

Storage cabinets are a good idea for any place of business. Why Are Storage Cabinets Important for Businesses? When you run a business you need to keep things organized in order to work in a manner that is efficient and professional. When you work in a store you need to have space to put away […]

Custom Cabinets in Phoenix: For Home, Business, and Beyond

Custom cabinets in Phoenix can be used at home as well as at your place of business.  And there is a real need for these cabinets… Custom Cabinets:  Making More Room of Less Custom cabinets help to eliminate disorganization. Disorganization comes about when one just doesn’t have the room that they need to store all […]

Melamine Cabinets: How to Avoid Clutter-Related Accidents (Contd.)

When you’re looking to install custom garage cabinets, there are some things you need to be aware of. Melamine Storage Cabinets:  Features and Configurations As we covered previously, there are several features to look for: 1) Ranges and configuration – if you’re buying a melamine cabinet, you should consider those cabinets with multiple cabinet configurations. […]

Melamine Cabinets: How to Avoid Clutter-Related Accidents

Melamine cabinets aren’t just beautiful they are functional as well.  Did you know that they could potentially protect you from injury as well? Melamine Cabinets: Your First Line of Defense Because melamine cabinets help to reduce clutter, they in turn reduce the potential for household accidents to occur.  And make no mistake.  Household accidents are potentially […]

Melamine Storage Cabinets (Part 2)

Part two of our series on melamine storage cabinets explores the importance of customization. Why Do Custom Melamine Garage Cabinets Matter? Why do custom melamine garage cabinets matter? Well even in tract houses, there are certain corners of your garage that simply putting in a cabinet won’t work well.  You’re going to either have a tight squeeze or […]

Melamine Storage Cabinets (Part 1)

Melamine storage cabinets are the future, and the future is here. Garage Cabinets in Phoenix Not so very long ago, garage cabinets were not the best quality. Usually they were made of fiberboard with a thin laminate over the top. They looked great at first, however, because of the nature of tgheir construction, they showed wear […]

Home Remodeling: Homey Touches (Part 3)

Part three of a series on home remodeling explores practical touches such as installing storage cabinets throughout your home. Where Should I Put Storage Cabinets? We’re often asked by our customers “where should I put storage cabinets?”  They’re often surprised by the answer.  Most of the time people think of storage in a few places […]

Home Remodeling: Thinking Outside the Box (Part 2)

Part two of a series on home remodeling explores more practical touches such as installing storage cabinets. Practical Home Improvement In our last home improvement article we covered the idea of taking that useless dummy drawer under your sink and turning it into a paper towel dispenser, but what about your closet?  Most homes have […]