Reasons to Get Garage Storage Cabinets (Part 1)

There are several reasons to install garage storage cabinets in your home. Clearing up clutter in your garage is an obvious reason, however, there are a lot of other reasons you may want to get them as well.
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Garage Storage Cabinets| (480) 456-6667

Garage Cabinets: Safety in the Garage and in the Home

Garage cabinets can make your home safer. Did you know what are the leading causes of fatalities in the home? Sometimes it is accidentally consuming poison, but one of the biggest causes is falls and other household accidents. In fact, according to this article excerpt from WebMD: “Home may be a place to escape the dangers of the outside world, but a new report shows dangers abound on the home front as well — causing as many as 20,000 deaths, 7 million disabling injuries, and 20 million hospital trips in the U.S. each year. Despite those staggering statistics, more than half of American adults surveyed say they can’t think of anything they should or would do in the coming year to make their homes safer or to prevent unintentional injuries. [READ MORE] What does installing garage cabinets have to do with home safety? Well there are two causes of falls and the injuries and fatalities that go along with falling: trip hazards and falling from ladders. If you have too much clutter in a garage, and you’re always stepping over boxes and sidling between storage containers, you could possibly lose your balance and a fall can result. And climbing up even a three foot stepladder to get a box off a shelf can also can cause a fall. As for how a set of cabinets can help, please read on.

Storage Cabinet Installation and Structural Safety

Some garage storage cabinets are built into the walls, adding additional structural support to your garage.  Additional structural support means that if there is some sort of high winds or other weather problem, your garage will be sturdier as a result.  This is one of the most interesting things about our business.  The best reason where cabinet installation is concerned however is obviously clutter control, but even clutter can be a hazard if it is in the wrong place or there is too much of it. So, let’s recap here.  Safety? Check.  Clutter control? Check.  These seem to be excellent reasons on their own to install garage storage cabinets, don’t you think? For more reasons to get garage storage cabinets, be sure to read part two and part three as well. Triton Garage Cabinets & Storage Systems 4111 W. Clarendon Ave. Building 2 Phoenix, AZ. 85019 (480) 456-6667