Office Cabinets and Their Uses (Part 2)

Part two of our two part series on office cabinetry explores another key advantage: namely organization.

Office Organization and Cabinets

Get office cabinetry | (480) 456-6667
Get Office Cabinetry | (480) 456-6667
We covered security in our last article, however, let’s not get lost in the real reason you’re looking for a place that sells office cabinets in Phoenix. You probably need some help in consolidating and organizing. Let’s take a look at one of our customers. Lisa and her husband Alan run two separate businesses out of their home in Glendale. Alan runs a catering and corporate events business, while Lisa runs a bookkeeping service. They have one bedroom divided into a home office? The problem? Lack of organization. Both Lisa and Alan were constantly getting their paperwork mixed up, and while they both shared common office supplies, obviously Lisa had a need for different supplies than Alan did.  They tried plastic storage bins, cheap fiberboard cabinets, all to no avail.  We came in, and within a few short hours, they both had cabinetry installed in their home office.  Now both of their businesses are thriving and everything is in its place.

Custom Office Cabinetry

What’s a good strategy for organizing your home office? In a word: consolidation.  A wall of cabinets can include such diverse shelving as bookshelves, locked cabinets, and general storage, all of which helps to reduce clutter and keep your business running smoothly. Imagine it if you will.  No more ‘junk drawers’ or friends wanting you to guest star on a television special about hoarders.  Instead, everything put away neatly and everything organized and put away in office cabinets. If you want to start a home business in Phoenix, you’re going to need some things.  First off, you’ll need to get a business license, and pay your business taxes.  With a bit of searching, you can find the state agencies that handle these items off your to do list. But build your structure first, and a good way to start it? Look for a place that sells and installs office cabinetry in Phoenix, AZ. Be sure to read part one of this series as well. Triton Garage Cabinets & Storage Systems 4111 W. Clarendon Ave. Building 2 Phoenix, AZ. 85019 (480) 456-6667