Materials Used to Make Storage Cabinets in Phoenix

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Storage cabinets are made of many different materials.  Laminate plywood is the cheapest material to construct cabinets out of. Not so long ago, plywood got a reputation for being inferior.  With newer technologies, however, it is an affordable and durable option.

Storage Cabinets:  It’s All In What They’re Made Of

Make no mistake, that laminate plywood has its advantages and disadvantages just like the other materials do. Closets, for example, aren’t good places to build laminate plywood cabinets. Plywood can splinter easily, which makes it a bad idea where you keep your clothes. Moths can be repelled by cedar, so you want to use that for your closet storage. What’s more, cedar gives your clothing a fresh scent. Where would you want to use something like laminate? Your garage is one of the best places. Cedar is kind of silly in a garage storage cabinet, as you do not care if your tools have a fresh scent or not.

Metal storage cabinets are used more for a home office, often for storing stationery, as this article excerpt from WIKIPEDIA shows:

A stationery cabinet (sometimes referred to as a stationery cupboard) is a large steel cabinet with shelves inside, used for storing a variety of items, often stationery or books or other office supplies. It may be used for a wide variety of other storage needs, including machine parts, hardware, or many other things; but offices are the location where they are most often found.
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So which material is better: laminate plywood or metal?  Well, we have another cabinet construction option available to you that is even better, in a word: Melamine.  More info on this in our next article.

Living in the US, we have a lot of choices open to us.  Choose materials that work well for your budget and your situation.  Whatever you want, pick a storage cabinet that fits.

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