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Installing Custom Garage Cabinets and Flooring

You may want to think about installing garage flooring. Why You Should Install Garage Flooring If you are planning a home improvement project, the garage is one of the places that you should include in your plans. It is possible to turn your garage into a functional and appealing space by making a few changes. You […]

Garage Flooring Part 2: What It’s Made Of

What is garage flooring made of?  Why should you install garage flooring?  Part two of our series will answer each of these questions. What is Garage Flooring Made Of? What is garage flooring made of?Well, garage flooring is made of epoxy.  What’s epoxy?  Well according to this Wikipedia article excerpt: “Epoxy resins, also known as […]

Garage Flooring Part 1: Why You Want It

Part one of a series on garage flooring explores why you want it. Reasons to Install Garage Flooring Do you know what part of your home gets the least amount of attention?  Well, we’ll give you some clues.  It is usually attached to your home, doesn’t have A/C usually, and it is the place that […]

Reasons Why You Should Install Garage Flooring Part 1

Part one of our series on garage flooring explores the technology behind it. Garage Flooring: A New Look For Your Garage If you’re like most people, your garage has one type of floor:  a bare concrete slab.  Particularly if you live in an older home or tract housing, a lot of times builders would cut […]

Garage Flooring: What to Get Him Part II

Ok, maybe he doesn’t need garage storage cabinets.  Maybe he’s got a storage shed out back, and the clutter is minimal.  So what do you get him now?  Well, if he’s a grease monkey, maybe it is time an improvement over the stained concrete floor he normally works on. How About Garage Floor Coating? No […]