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Triton Garage & Closet Systems offers storage Cabinets or built-ins for any budget and any room in your Home, Office, Garage, or even your Airplane Hanger.

Our Automated factory located here in Phoenix allows us to manufacture our standard products, or Custom build to your specifications.

Key points:

  • NO STAPLES! Our Cabinets are fixed to the wall using a steel rail and screws that screw into your studs! Then a reinforcing cleat is screwed into the studs so the Cabinets are securely mounted to your wall.
  • ALUMINUM Shelf stiffeners on every adjustable 3’ and 4’ shelf in EVERY Style cabinet we offer! Stronger shelves and more room in the cabinet for your stuff!
  • We use ONLY 3/4″ materials and NEVER 1/2″ or 5/8″ like most of the competition.
  • Our European style cabinets utilize “Concealed” Hinges, not only because you can’t see them, but because they add up to 6″ of interior space to your cabinets.
  • No Face Frames, No center dividers, and no “mid-stiles” (that annoying little strip that is attached to one of the doors to hide the gap).
  • Single sided material Or two sided Thermo-fused material with White interior.

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