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Storage Cabinets and Their Uses

Storage cabinets have many different uses.  Why would you want  to use them?  We are glad you asked… Why Use Storage Cabinets? As professionals that are in the garage storage cabinet industry are well aware of, people have a lot of stuff. Americans are often criticized for being materialistic and about acquiring things, and this […]

Storage Cabinets: What to Get Him Part I

Are you stumped on what to get him as a present?  Is he a tough person to buy for?  Well, we have a couple of ideas that you might want to think of. Garage Cabinets The beauty of this idea is that it isn’t just for him, it’s for you as well. Imagine, no more […]

Garage Storage Cabinets: Why You Should Get Them

Garage cabinets are an effective way of eliminating clutter in your garage.  Houses built after the 1960’s in Arizona are more likely to have a garage than a carport.  It makes sense if you think about it.  A carport is open to the elements, and there is no place to safely store your car. How […]

Phoenix Garage Cabinet Installers: What You Need to Know

What Materials Should Be Used In Garage Cabinet Installation? The right choice in garage cabinet installation materials can make all the difference in the finished look and quality of a project.  Thicker wood materials provide more strength and durability for heavier loads.  At least 3/4″ should be used for garage cabinet shelving. What Qualification Does […]