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Retail Storage Cabinetry: More About Shoplifting and Loss Prevention

In our last article, we explored the importance of retail storage cabinets in loss prevention.  This article will give you some more information about why you may wish to install these cabinets for your business, before you become a statistic. Shoplifting and Retail Storage Cabinets Shoplifting is a big problem in the US.  In fact, […]

Retail Cabinets Part 2: Loss Prevention and Security

Part two of a series on retail cabinets explores how retail storage cabinets help with asset control and loss prevention.  Be sure to read part one of this series as well. Retail Cabinetry: Loss Prevention In an ideal world, no one would ever steal, and retail cabinets would only be used for storage.  However, that […]

Retail Cabinets Part 1: Commercial Display and Storage

If you’re a retail store, you need retail cabinets. And as a rule, such cabinets are significantly different than those found in a garage or home.  In this two part series we explore the unique purposes that these cabinets serve. Retail Cabinets: The Art of Strategic Concealment A retail environment has specialized needs where storage […]