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Epoxy Garage Flooring: What It Is and Why You Need It

Garage flooring is a beautiful, durable way of remodeling your garage that also adds resale value to your home. Epoxy Garage Floor Installation in Phoenix If you’re considering epoxy garage floor installation in Phoenix, congratulations, you’re making a smart decision.  It is a remarkable home improvement and has been proven to increase your home’s resale value. […]

Install Garage Cabinets and Garage Flooring to Improve Your Garage

When it comes time to install garage cabinets and flooring, the choices available in the market can sometimes be overwhelming to most people. There’s a difference between choosing garage cabinets versus choosing kitchen cabinets. You should consider getting garage flooring and garage cabinets for various reasons…. Organize Your Garage: Install Garage Cabinets Today Installing garage cabinets […]

Install Garage Storage Cabinets in Phoenix

You may wish to install garage storage cabinets in Phoenix to remodel a piece of your home that most people neglect. Install Garage Storage Cabinets:  Don’t Ignore Your Garage Some people spend a lot on decorating the interior living space of their homes but end up completely ignoring their garages. Garages don’t have to be cluttered, […]

Installing Custom Garage Cabinets and Flooring (Contd.)

Installing custom garage cabinets goes perfectly with installing flooring. Garage Cabinets: Say Farewell to Clutter In our last article, we covered garage flooring.  In this article, we will cover cabinets.  Clutter and disorder are two of the main concerns for homeowners when it comes to garages. This is because most of them lack proper storage. […]

Garage Flooring and Your Garage (Contd.)

Epoxy garage flooring in Phoenix is the wave of the future.  Why?  Well, bare concrete floors belong in the last century… Epoxy Floor Installation Concrete is tough, durable, and long lasting.  However, without being treated properly, it also has a major drawback: it is extremely porous.  The downside of this porosity is that it absorbs […]

Epoxy Garage Flooring: It’s Many Benefits

Epoxy garage flooring is an innovation that serves so many different purposes. Install Garage Flooring in Phoenix | (480) 456-6667 Why Install Garage Flooring? Why install garage flooring?  Well for one it improves the appearance of your garage.  Have you visited an auto dealership lately?  Well in addition to checking out a new car or truck, take a […]

Garage Flooring Part 1: Why You Want It

Part one of a series on garage flooring explores why you want it. Reasons to Install Garage Flooring Do you know what part of your home gets the least amount of attention?  Well, we’ll give you some clues.  It is usually attached to your home, doesn’t have A/C usually, and it is the place that […]

Reasons Why You Should Install Garage Flooring Part 1

Part one of our series on garage flooring explores the technology behind it. Garage Flooring: A New Look For Your Garage If you’re like most people, your garage has one type of floor:  a bare concrete slab.  Particularly if you live in an older home or tract housing, a lot of times builders would cut […]