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Garage Flooring and Your Garage

There are many reasons to protect your garage floor. It comes down to three things.  Do you want your garage floor to be easy to clean?  Do you want to protect your floor from damage and crumbling?  Do you want your garage’s floor to be a beautiful addition to  your home?  Then by all means, […]

Epoxy Garage Flooring: It’s Many Benefits

Epoxy garage flooring is an innovation that serves so many different purposes. Install Garage Flooring in Phoenix | (480) 456-6667 Why Install Garage Flooring? Why install garage flooring?  Well for one it improves the appearance of your garage.  Have you visited an auto dealership lately?  Well in addition to checking out a new car or truck, take a […]

Garages and Garage Floor Coating

We hear a lot of myths in the garage floor business.  A garage is supposed to be greasy and oily, after all that is where your car is, and cars drip these things.  Garages don’t have to look good because no company ever comes in there.  Bare concrete is fine for a garage floor.  Myths […]

Spring Cleaning Part III: Garage Floor Coating

Part three of our three part series explores epoxy garage floor coating as a way of keeping your garage floor clean and looking like new. Garage Floor Coating: What It’s Made Of What is garage floor coating made of? As a rule, garage floor coating is made of epoxy. As for what is epoxy, according […]