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Professional Garage Cabinet Installation

Install garage cabinets to improve both your home and your garage. Garage Cabinets and Professional Installation The garage is the first place that greets a homeowner when he pulls into the driveway, but is, ironically, one of the most disorganized places in the home. Garage cabinets allow owners to arrange the space in their garages. They […]

Custom Closets: Stand Out From The DIY Crowd

Should you install a custom closet in Phoenix?  Well, you have to think about your mindset when you go to retrieve something from the closet. Custom Closet Installation in Phoenix If you are frustrated at walking into your closet, or just looking at it if it’s not a walk-in closet and seeing the wasted space […]

Benefits of Remodeling Your Closet

If your closet is not meeting your needs, it may be time to do a closet remodeling project. Why Get Closet Remodeling? Why should you remodel your closet?  A closet in your home can be the best way to organize your clothing and have everything you wear in order. However, the problem is usually the […]

Clever Home Remodeling Part 2: What’s in Your Closet?

Part two of a series on clever home remodeling focuses on closets. Closet Storage Ideas There are usually a few problem areas in a home where storage space is involved.  Usually  your home office if you have one, your bedroom closets, your garage, and your kitchen all have more than the usual amount of clutter. […]

Home Remodeling Part II: Thinking Outside the Box

Part two of a series on home remodeling explores more practical touches such as installing storage cabinets. Practical Home Improvement In our last home improvement article we covered the idea of taking that useless dummy drawer under your sink and turning it into a paper towel dispenser, but what about your closet?  Most homes have […]

Home Improvement Ideas Part II: Custom Closet Installation

Part two of our series on home improvement ideas explores custom closets.  Part one of our series explored garage storage cabinets. Part three of this series will explore resin garage flooring. Why Installing a Custom Closet Makes Sense You’re probably thinking that a custom closet is nothing more than a vanity project, however, that isn’t […]

Custom Closets

Why should you get a custom closet?  Well, it’s simple.  There is no such thing as enough closet space… Custom Closet Design in Phoenix You are in all ways an individual. Your home should reflect this as well. Unless your home has been custom built already, you are probably short of closet space. Surprisingly, however, […]

Spring Cleaning Part II: Organize Your Closet

Having custom closets installed helps you to clear up what is a disaster area for a lot of people: your closet. Closet Organization: Why You Should Closet organization is a breeze, as is this article excerpt from Lucky Magazine shows: Basics · It’s key that there’s ample contrast between your clothing and the walls. White paint […]